Portable Facilities

Halliburton has decades of on-the-ground expertise and experience supplying operations in remote areas worldwide. These are especially important in areas with little infrastructure in place.

Portable, modular facilities that can set up quickly with a full array of supporting systems include:

  • Mud plants
  • Cement plants
  • Multifunction formation evaluation units (industry's first)
  • Data acquisition laboratories
  • Fluid testing labs
  • Tool maintenance and repair facilities

These facilities can support technology to manage virtually any exploration or production challenge. We have successfully supported cutting-edge reservoir characterization tools, fluid sampling tools, and more using these facilities. Remote units can also support everything from data transmissions and real-time interpretation to unique all-in-one logging, logging while drilling (LWD) and wireline capabilities.

Strong relationships with local freight forwarders and logistics partners in most countries support these mobile resources. We can quickly establish temporary infrastructure that supports virtually any remote operation. This also allows us to meet client needs efficiently, especially during the early phases of projects.

Long-term, however, as areas grow, we work with operators to develop permanent infrastructure solutions, investing most heavily in areas with large and proven potential.

With years of experience, our on-the-ground experts understand the challenges of conducting efficient operations far from established infrastructure. Our technical personnel and established processes make it possible.