Use Intelligent Completions and Multilaterals to Manage Reservoirs


What reservoir management strategy should I use over an extended time period to optimize recovery while maximizing profits?


Successful development and management of West African deepwater basins can be technically challenging. The high-risk terrain is demanding and contains mixed lithologies. Promising technologies that have emerged include intelligent completions and multilateral systems. Both enable efficient drainage of complex reservoirs and improve long-term reservoir profitability. Intelligent completions allow the operator to produce, monitor and control the production of hydrocarbons through remotely operated completion systems. Today, the proven reliability of these systems helps to cost-effectively enable some of the world’s most sophisticated completions. An intelligent well enables the operator to reduce intervention, remotely monitoring and controlling downhole fluid flow while optimizing well production and reservoir management processes to maximize asset value.

Halliburton is the world's leading provider of intelligent completion technology. Our systems enable operators to collect, transmit and analyze downhole data; remotely control selected reservoir zones and maximize reservoir efficiency. Whether the focus is a single well or field-wide systems that manage an entire reservoir, we provide innovative, reliable intelligent completion technology designed for your success.

With over 400 intelligent completions in more than 30 countries for over 40 oil companies, Halliburton’s experience speaks for itself. An operator in West Africa needed zonal isolation and sand control in three zones of various pressures. All three had the potential for gas production on top and water production on the bottom. A sequence of system packers was used to avoid gas influx at the top of the permeable formation and avoid water influx at the bottom. The successful use of Halliburton’s intelligent completion equipment removed the need for intervention, accelerating production while providing data on both reserves and the reservoir.

Multilateral well-construction technology has also demonstrated its ability to meaningfully enhance production. This technology reduces overall well costs by using advanced drainage architecture to increase reservoir exposure, improving production and ultimate recovery.  At Halliburton, we have demonstrated our ability to enhance production from naturally fractured carbonates through hundreds of successful field applications. Reservoir exposure to the wellbore can be substantially increased by adapting advanced directional and horizontal drilling capabilities, improving the bottom line by cutting overall development costs.

Multilateral technology is contrinually expanding its scope and capabilities, and Halliburton is the world leader in subsea multilateral technology. These multilateral wells, incorporating intelligent completions and expandable tubulars, are just one example of the synergy that will take place in the wells of the future.