Seismic Imaging in Narrow Mini-Basins


How can I use detailed prospect and reservoir analysis to speed up critical workflows, generate higher-resolution seismic images, and increase interpretation accuracy with an improved understanding of structures overlaying the sub-salt?


West Africa’s deepwater mini-basins are filled with a variety of sedimentary gravity-flow deposits, all of which have distinct seismic facies.

Both the salt cover and the steep dips in these mini-basins hinder sub-salt seismic imaging and seismic- attribute analysis that are critical to understanding these depositional systems. Traditional salt-imaging methods make it difficult to discern their structure. From acquisition to earth modeling, accurate velocity estimation and depth imaging provides the key to understanding formation evaluation below the surface -- before costly drilling decisions are made.

Halliburton's 3-D pre-stack depth imaging helps unravel the complicated wave propagation that can often degrade image quality and resolution. It also helps to identify sedimentary structures below complex overburdens. This imaging combined with geostatistical methods from our earth-modeling solution provides best-case scenarios.