Reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT)


What steps can I take to optimize my drilling program, reduce unplanned events and minimize drilling risk – even in long-reach, high-angle wells?


Typically, NPT accounts for up to 32 percent of drilling operation costs for deepwater wells causing billions of dollars in incremental costs each year worldwide. Unplanned events can cripple any drilling program. With the high cost of exploration wells currently being drilled in deepwater, minimizing these events and more effectively predicting what lies ahead can pay huge dividends by helping operators stay on budget, reach total depth on time and execute a successful drilling operation.

To help meet the ever increasing challenges of drilling and completing wells in deepwater West Africa, Halliburton applies a front-end loaded approach to the well planning process.  It includes everything from well design and engineering, to bit and bottomhole assembly selection, drilling fluid specifications, casing and cement design through the well construction process.  This well plan, delivered by experienced wellsite engineers and backed remotely by shore-based experts through our network of remote operations centers enables Halliburton to proactively model, measure and optimize each well to reduce NPT and minimize drilling risk.

Halliburton has developed software solutions to help reduce well and field planning cycle times, engineer cost-effective designs and reduce NPT. Our integrated technology suites can help users anticipate and respond to conditions encountered while drilling and completing wells, permitting them to exploit reserves quickly and profitably.

Using our integrated well-design applications, an operator in deepwater West Africa planned 33 wells in three days while improving quality control and accuracy. The same tools can even make step-and-repeat drilling over vast areas more efficient by streamlining the way we apply lessons learned from one well to the next. 

In short, you can count on Halliburton for total solutions that help customers enhance wellbore stability, hole cleaning, bit optimization, tool reliability,and real-time drilling optimization while reducing NPT.

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