Enhance Wellbore Stability


How can I mitigate wellbore stability issues to improve drilling performance, increase casing and cementing efficiency, and ensure long-term well productivity?


Wellbore stability problems are common in deepwater and ultra-deepwater drilling. Maintaining wellbore stability is a key factor in improving drilling performance and minimizing costs associated with well construction and production operations.

Low seabed temperatures and highly unconsolidated sands commonly found in deepwater West Africa compound wellbore stability problems as do high wellbore inclinations, long openhole sections and complex well trajectories.  The possible presence of gas-hydrate deposits and tight pore-pressure fracture gradient windows are common in these wells.  Wellbore stability problems arise when near-wellbore stresses exceed rock strength. If left unmanaged, these problems often lead to lost-circulation events, stuck pipe, packoff, washouts or wellbore collapse.

Halliburton offers a wide range of technologies and expertise to help minimize drilling problems related to wellbore stability and sanding problems. Our wellbore stability models run in real time, both at the wellsite and remotely.

Wellbore stability modeling before drilling can aid well design, help determine a favorable wellbore trajectory and identify potential hazards.  During drilling, wellbore stability models can be updated in real time as new information is received to reduce drilling uncertainty. Imaging logs from LWD tools can be used to determine breakout areas and drill induced fractures. Geomechanical analysis of rock strength allow complex wellbores to be successfully drilled. As the well is drilled, Halliburton experts can monitor all those conditions, minimizing wellbore stability problems and reducing non-productive time.

In short, Halliburton can provide a better understanding of the wellbore environment. Our team of experienced analysts helps reduce risk and cost and improve drilling performance.

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