Oilfield Water Mangement Halliburton Advantage

Leaders in Conformance

There is no doubt that Halliburton is the Conformance leader in the energy industry not only because of our chemical fluid and mechanical solutions but the support we provide to our customers. Halliburton has developed a number of unique technologies to help minimize water costs and increase hydrocarbon production. Although the use of conformance processes may not always result in increased production, such processes can often improve an operator's profitability as a result of the following benefits:

  • longer productive well life
  • reduced lifting costs
  • reduced environmental concerns and costs
  • minimized treatment and disposal of water
  • reduced well maintenance costs

The "go to" industry pros in water management

Halliburton's extensive experience with unconventional gas and mature fields, both of which are known to be large creators of produced water, positions us as the "go to" water management experts. Supported by over 1,500 consultants and 5,000 chemists, engineers and scientists, we provide the upstream E&P industry with unequalled expertise and analysis to assist in a variety of water management challenges from surface to subsurface.

Whether you're talking coalbed methane, shale gas, mature, or some other type of field, no two produced waters are the same—and their organic composition range can be extreme. While other providers may be able to treat one particular type or organic composition of produced water, only Halliburton can do it all—thanks to the most accomplished chemists in the business, and the technologies they continually develop and update.

Process and technology innovation

From the beginning, Halliburton chemists and engineers have been innovators in the development of water management solutions. That decades-long investment has yielded a deep understanding of water challenges. Our research has led to techniques for reusing treatment or produced water, thereby providing major environmental and logistical advantages. Investment has also produced many technologies and solutions created for specific basins that improve asset viability as a prospect and for the life of the well. These technologies provide predictable, reliable results that solve unique challenges in an environmentally sound manner and reduce development costs.