Geothermal Project Experience

Since the 1950s, Halliburton has been a full-service leader in geothermal technology and processes

For decades, Halliburton has been involved in significant geothermal projects around the world—in countries including the U.S., the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Costa Rica and Kenya. Available to producers worldwide, Halliburton's technology, products and services address every aspect of geothermal: subsurface assessment, drilling, cementing, non-damaging drilling fluids, logging, real-time monitoring and control, completions, stimulation and project management. A provider of unparalleled expertise, services and breakthrough technologies since the beginning, Halliburton continues to be the industry leader in meeting today's unique geothermal challenges.

At this time we are also involved in the planning of geothermal projects, both traditional and EGS (enhanced geothermal systems), in many parts of the world—some of which have no, or little, geothermal energy activity.

Halliburton's Geothermal Project History

Halliburton's Geothermal Project History

Case Studies

While many companies provide services to geothermal organizations, few have the depth, breadth and experience that Halliburton's 50+ years of geothermal history bring to any given project. Nor do they have our diverse portfolio of industry firsts, technologies and processes, and "top to bottom" case studies.

Project Location Description
Southern California, USA Reverse Foamed Thermalock™ Cement
Western USA Dual Injection Job Using ZoneSeal® Process
Southeastern California, USA Electromagnetic (EMT) MWD System