Geothermal Energy Challenges & Solutions

Geothermal's challenges can be significant. Halliburton has the proven, value-driven solutions that others simply can't provide.

While it's easy to see that geothermal is a viable, growing and environmentally "friendly" energy source, many of its challenges are not easily met. They include:

  • Extreme high temperatures 
  • Hard and corrosive rock
  • Lost circulation
  • CO2 intrusion/attack
  • Cement and casing integrity
  • Minerals and toxic gasses
  • Well site environmental concerns
  • Well expansion/contraction from water injection and/or steam production

All of these challenges–including the critical task of pinpointing geothermal reservoirs and then drilling into the subsurface to optimally intersect production thermal fluid channels and reservoir rock–can be solved via Halliburton's high degree of reservoir knowledge and fit-for-purpose technologies. And as operators go deeper and new challenges emerge, Halliburton's vast research and development resources can help overcome any new exploration or drilling obstacles.