CO2 Storage Framework

The CO2 Capture Project (CCP), an industry consortium, published the following policy position paper:"A Framework for Certification and Operation of CO2 Geological Storage Sites". Within that paper, a four phase framework of certification and operation for CO2 geological storage was established. Stages within each phase have been defined by Halliburton.

Halliburton has the people, knowledge and technologies to help you successfully execute every phase of the CO2 Storage Framework.

With over 1500 consultants--supported by 5,000 engineers and scientists--, Halliburton can provide the expertise and analysis to assist in site selection, seismic data analysis for determining safe CO2 storage, reservoir modeling and simulations, risk analysis, design injection plans and more.

Halliburton's Project Management engineering teams provide a full range of services from project definition, construction and operation to planning and executing mitigation efforts. By integrating Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) core values into all business activities, our Project Management teams strive to proactively meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risks to lower operating costs.