Breakthrough Technologies: CleanStreamSM Service


Bacteria can have a highly detrimental effect on hydrocarbon production and transportation, causing major damage to fluids, piping and the formation itself. Aerobic bacteria, which require oxygen to live, produce a biofilm that can reduce reservoir porosity and cause plugging and fouling of tanks and piping. Traditionally, microorganisms introduced during the drilling and completion phases and/or in the gathering and transportation phases have been controlled with chemical biocides.

Biocides pose significant health hazards, and their use is strictly regulated in most countries. Personnel using hazard-rated biocides are required to wear special protective equipment and undergo training on correct handling procedures, disposal techniques, spill avoidance, and proper dosing requirements – all critically important in avoiding health, safety, and environmental incidents. Expertise is also required to select the right biocide so as not to interfere with the desired properties of the entire fluid system. Otherwise, chemical compatibility issues involving pH, temperature, salinity, and dissolved or non-dissolved materials can occur, rendering the treatment ineffective and potentially damaging other additives.


Halliburton's CleanStream™ System uses advanced ultraviolet (UV) light technology to effectively control bacteria in oilfield and pipeline applications while minimizing or eliminating the need for hazardous biocides.

The process, which is widely used in water treatment, food processing, and by hospitals, is highly effective. As fluids flow through specialized chambers in a mobile unit, the fluid is irradiated with UV light. As this light passes through the liquid media, it is absorbed into the bacteria’s cell wall where it damages the organisms DNA structure, killing the bacteria colony by rendering it unable to produce proteins or replicate.


This process greatly reduces employee exposure to hazard rated biocides and associated Health and Safety related issues. Practical application of the CleanStream technology has been on going since April of 2009.

For more information about how the CleanStream service can help control bacteria in oilfield and pipeline applications while minimizing or eliminating the need for hazardous biocides, contact your local Halliburton representative.