Project Management Commercial Models

xceptional professionals collaborating with stakeholders to engineer customized solutions to solve your toughest challenges and produce cost-effective results

Halliburton Project Management offers three business service levels – Basic Integrated Services (IS), Advanced Integrated Services (IS), and Integrated Project Management (IPM). These serve as a basis to build customized solutions based on our clients' requirements and could range from coordinating project and operations activities to full turnkey solutions.

For clients who want to make all financial and operational decisions themselves but still want the efficiencies that expert project management provides, Halliburton offers project coordination under Integrated Services (IS) on a discrete services, time and materials, or performance basis contract.

Halliburton Integrated Project Management (IPM) services are for clients who want to shift risk accountability. The commercial models for IPM services range from time and materials to lump sum arrangements to fully integrated day rate. Under these types of arrangements, Halliburton commits to delivering the project on time and budget allowing our clients to limit their financial and execution risk.

No matter what type of business service level chosen, our health, safety and environmental (HSE) initiative is a policy of no compromise. Our project teams work continuously to achieve zero HSE incidents plus zero non-productive time. We do this through our structured program that includes leadership, training, open communications, and continuous improvement processes.

Basic Integrated Services Advanced Integrated Services Integrated Project Management
  Operation Management Project Controls
  Tangibles Well-Site Supervision
  Procurement & Logistics Rig Contracting
  Performance Optimization Risk ID & Mitigation Civil Engineering Regulatory Compliance
  Well Engineering Contingency Planning Halliburton HSE Financial Tracking
Service Coordination Daily Reporting Lessons Learned Technology Applications Logistics Project Scheduling
Basic Integrated Services
Service Coordination Daily Reporting
Lessons Learned Technology Applications
Logistics Project Scheduling
Advanced Integrated Services
Performance Optimization Risk ID & Mitigation
Well Engineering Contingency Planning
Halliburton HSE Financial Tracking
Basic Integrated Services
Integrated Project Management
Operations Management Project Controls
Tangibles Well-Site Supervision
Procurement & Logistics Rig Contracting
Civil Engineering Regulatory Compliance
Advanced Integrated Services
Basic Integrated Services

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Summary Summary One of the largest drilling contracts in the world outsourced to Halliburton
Halliburton Integrated Project Management enabled operator to accelerate field development by delivering 58 wells on turnkey basis
Summary Summary Halliburton to Provide Solutions for Accessing TNK-BP’s Tight Oil Reserves in Russia’s Krasnoleninskoe Field
TNK-BP has selected Halliburton to provide an integrated services solution to increase production from the complex and challenging tight oil reserves...
Summary Summary Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIPSM)
The Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIPSM) suite of services features the 15,000-psi RapidCap™ air-mobile capping stack, which, owing to its unique gatevalve- based design, is significantly lighter and more mobile than conventional rambased systems, thus eliminating the need for installing large subsea accumulator modules.
Summary Summary SentinelCem™ Cement Cures Losses Successfully in Heavily Fractured Carbonate Formation in Southern Oman
Halliburton solution represents paradigm shift in lost circulation management.
Summary Summary Integration Drives Performance and Accelerates Learning Curve in an Ultra-Deepwater Pre-Salt Exploration Drilling Project in Brazil
In Brazil, the Halliburton Integrated Services (IS) technical team is continuously collaborating to optimize well construction and evaluation services in a giant pre-salt field for a major consortium.
Summary Summary Halliburton Team Optimizes Drilling Performance in Ecuador’s MDC and Inchi Fields
Halliburton Project Management (HPM) in Ecuador collaborated with an operator to drill a vertical exploratory well in Ecuador’s Intracampos fields – specifically in the area’s Inchi and Mauro Davalos Cordero (MDC) fields.
Summary Summary Integrated Well Intervention Solution Reduces Offshore P&A Costs By Over 50 Percent
Through close collaboration with the customer, Halliburton took an active part in the development of the overall P&A strategy for the project, analyzing the needs for downhole tool conveyance and focusing on solutions requiring minimum topside equipment.
Summary Summary Streamlined Well Construction Eliminates 71 Days of Rig Time, Saving Consortium USD 90 Million
Halliburton sets new deepwater benchmark in brazil's deepwater libra field
Summary Summary Well Construction Drilling Record
A client turned to Halliburton to perform their 2016-2017 drilling campaign in order to maintain production in the Napo Basin of Ecuador.
Summary Summary Drilling Optimization in Karim Small Field Saves Medco 16 Percent on Drilling Time
Halliburton Project Management (HPM) was tasked with optimizing the drilling performance of Medco Arabia Ltd. in its development drilling campaign in the Karim Small Fields (KSF) region of southern Oman.
Summary Summary Successful Drilling of an Exploratory Well 30 Days Ahead of Schedule
Drilled the deepest exploratory well in the basin.
Summary Summary Project Management Model Enables Operator to Deliver Well in Record Time in Venezuelan Field
In Venezuela, an integrated Halliburton technical team collaborated with an operator to achieve drilling optimization in the Carabobo field.
Summary Summary Project Management Team Creates Successful Infrastructure in Remote Location in India
Halliburton successfully builds access roads and base camp in Thar desert
Summary Summary Project Management Service Utilizes Technologies to Deliver Wells Ahead of Schedule
An operator utilized Halliburton Project Management (HPM) to increase overall productivity while decreasing the overall risks involved in the development of wells in the Zubair field in Basra, Iraq.
Summary Summary Real-Time Journey Management and Intervention Solution Improves Transportation Safety Performance
The Halliburton Project Management (HPM) team installed vehicle telematics systems onboard 12 of its light vehicle fleet to maximize the safety of personnel and to improve daily operational costs.
Summary Summary Well Construction Performance Shaves More Than Eight Days Off of Plan in Rumaila Field
Halliburton Consulting and Project Management (CPM) created a synergy between all groups involved in the well construction, including Halliburton product service lines (PSLs) and third parties, in order to deliver the well objectives by applying practical solutions.
Summary Summary Integrated Drilling and Logging Approach Maximizes Formation Reservoir Exposure
The Halliburton product service line’s 24/7 support – both in-house and within the integrated real-time operation center (iROC) – ensured that every wellbore section, including the depleted reservoir interval, was drilled with minimal fluid losses and that the wellbore was at total depth (TD) before the oil-water contact (OWC).
Summary Summary Rig Sourcing & Tangible Assets
When working with Halliburton�s Integrated Project Management Group, you get the benefit our relationships and experience with rig contractors.
Summary Summary Integrated Services
As part of a fully Integrated Project Management offering, or through an Integrated Services offering, you can cross all Halliburton product service lines applying of the right technology with expert in-field implementation to mitigate NPT...
Summary Summary Rigs
Halliburton Project Management has extensive experience in determining the optimum rigs for our projects and has cultivated strong global relationships with rig contractors in sourcing the most appropriate rig type for any project.
Summary Summary Integrated Projects
Halliburton consistently ranks as an industry leader in terms of patents awarded each year. That means our project managers are in a unique position to apply new technologies to benefit your project.
Summary Summary Integrated Project Management
Integrated Project Management facilitates easy leverage of Halliburton�s global supplier network to build locations, deliver rigs, mobilize personnel, perform on-site surveys and inspections, and schedule services and equipment.
Summary Summary Integrated Well Construction
The purpose of every oil and gas well, regardless of complexity, is the cost-effective recovery of hydrocarbons.
Summary Summary Project Management
Our Project Management services are built with integrity, executed with experience, and delivered to give you a sense of certainty.
Summary Summary Integrated Service Levels
Halliburton Project Management offers various service levels depending on if you just need help coordinating projects, a full turnkey solution, or something in-between.
Summary Summary Integrated Completions
Well completions provide either the means of delivering hydrocarbons from the reservoir to surface or for injecting fluids into the reservoir or disposal zone.
Summary Summary Integrated Well Intervention
As a well matures workovers may become necessary and it reaches the end of its productive life, economics may dictate the need to abandon the well.
Summary Summary Project Management Methodology
To help ensure success in the delivery of large, complex projects with little or no lag time, owner/operators require that their project management teams develop plans that minimize risk and can execute it effectively.
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