Integrated Well Intervention

Using defined processes and industry-leading technologies to deliver successful, cost-effective, and quality interventions

Well interventions are done primarily to maintain or increase production, extend the life of the wells, or resolve significant issues in the wells. The Halliburton Project Management team delivers integrated well intervention projects and customized technical solutions to our customers for all potential interventions in the life of the wells – from the moment the wells are first brought into production to the end of each well's life and then abandonment. This is done by providing our customers with a single point of contact, collaborative solutions, and management of the overall project by using defined processes and technologies to deliver cost-effective and quality intervention projects on land, offshore, or subsea – and in desert to arctic conditions. 

Integrated Well Intervention

The diversity of wells, completions, and production histories creates many types of interventions. Halliburton Project Management successfully manages and delivers four core service areas for interventions:

Well Services

Well services refers to all types of well interventions with regard to maintaining or improving well productivity. These are typically light interventions or rigless interventions using slickline, wireline, or coiled tubing. Halliburton Project Management integrates all Halliburton service lines to create a single solution. We address all our customers’ challenges in order to put wells back in production or to improve overall production. Halliburton services – such as wireline, slickline, and coiled tubing – use industry-leading technologies for diagnosing and resolving problems met in the well. With its experts in engineering and consulting, Halliburton Project Management integrates these various technologies and capabilities to create a customized workflow for problem identification and solution generation. From well integrity to flow assurance, Halliburton Project Management will deliver the right solution based on customer needs.


Workovers include medium and heavier interventions with significant involvement in the well's completion, using either a hydraulic workover (HWO) unit, a workover rig, or even a drilling rig. These types of interventions include pulling the well completion and replacing or recompleting to a different area or to a different scope or abandonment. Halliburton Project Management has extensive experience managing complex projects involving other Halliburton service lines, rigs, and third-party suppliers. Halliburton Project Management has expertise in successfully managing and delivering workover projects, from early diagnosis to engineering the solutions and delivering the projects.


Reentries refer to heavy interventions, typically in the late life of the well. Reentry is a specific type of workover that involves a workover rig, drilling rig, HWO rig, drilling string, or coiled tubing. The scope of these types of interventions is to reallocate to a different production zone, and includes either pulling the completion or directional drilling through the current well completion into an additional or a different reservoir. Halliburton Project Management uses its expertise in both drilling and well intervention to create an integrated solution and lead the execution of the project. This includes integration of Halliburton service lines, rigs, engineering, third-party suppliers, and operations to deliver projects. Reentry solutions offered by Halliburton Project Management use not only our workover capabilities and drilling expertise, but also our engineering and consulting capabilities combined with industry-leading technologies to support drilling fluids, drill bits, directional drilling, and coiled tubing drilling. Either done through tubing or through casing, our reentry solutions produce successful results, giving wells the ability to flow and produce from different or additional reservoirs.

Plug and Abandonment

Plug and abandonment (P&A) refers to interventions in the last stage of the life of the well. The scope includes well decompletion and reservoir isolation to ensure no communication from the reservoir to other zones or to surface. Typically, these are complex operations involving multiple Halliburton service lines. Halliburton Project Management expertise in understanding well challenges, regulatory demands, and technology allows seamless integration in creating customized solutions for delivering successful P&A projects.

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Summary Summary Integrated Well Intervention Solution Reduces Offshore P&A Costs By Over 50 Percent
Through close collaboration with the customer, Halliburton took an active part in the development of the overall P&A strategy for the project, analyzing the needs for downhole tool conveyance and focusing on solutions requiring minimum topside equipment.
Summary Summary Integrated Well Intervention
As a well matures workovers may become necessary and it reaches the end of its productive life, economics may dictate the need to abandon the well.
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