Emergency Solutions

When a well exhibits pressure control problems, snubbing is often the most expedient and economical method.

Halliburton with its worldwide footprint of HWO units and engineers, backed up with a world-class logistics department, can diagnose your problem, design the solution and deliver the right equipment and experienced personnel quickly ensuring that the situation does not escalate.

HWO Capabilities

Our diverse fleet of units can operate both on and offshore in all geographic regions. We have the experience and capability to mobilize snubbing units and PCE by air if required to ensure a timely response to your well problem.

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Emergency solutions

Rapid Deployment and Use of Snubbing Unit Brings Well with Underground Blowout and Surface Broaching Under Control

An operator had a critical well situation with underground blowout and surface broaches, complicating the recovery the well had holes in the completion and casing with surface pressure. 

Emergency solutions