Drilling (Snubdrilling) Operations

Modifications to Boots & Coots's hydraulic workover equipment have made our units ideal for many types of drilling applications. Best suited for sidetracking and deepening existing wellbores, these hydraulic workover units have many advantages over more conventional drilling methods in many situations. The ability to pull existing completions, drill open holes and re-complete the wellbore at nearbalanced, underbalanced or flowing conditions, allows the hydraulic workover unit to bridge the technological gap between derrick equipment sets and coiled tubing units. In those drilling operations where kill-weight fluids are unsuitable, hydraulic workover units offer a safe solution by providing the operator the safety factors required to compensate for unknowns in safety sensitive operations.

Snubdrilling benefits include reduced formation damage, increased penetration rates and less risk of differential sticking. Drilling (snubdrilling) applications include:

  • Side tracking
  • Deepening existing wellbores
  • Slimhole drilling new wells
  • Snub drilling