Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing

Halliburton offers economical completions and workover solutions when the well is under pressure and when traditional rigs aren’t viable.

Our self-contained, portable hydraulic workover units are smaller, lighter and quicker to set up than traditional rigs. This makes them an economical choice for routine well maintenance, live well interventions and well re-entry operations.

We are the leader in hydraulic workovers, with the safest, most reliable equipment and experienced personnel in the industry.

Safety Is Our Priority

Our latest technological improvement is geared towards safety. The uniquely designed slip interlock system prevents the opening of both slip bowls at the same time, using pressure and position sensors. This enhanced safety feature greatly reduces the possibility of pipe being dropped or blown out of the well. It helps provide protection against operator error, mechanical failure, power loss, low operating pressure or an obstruction.

Slip Interlock System
The unique slip interlock system is our latest technological safety feature on our hydraulic workover and snubbing units.

Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing

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