Milling and Fishing Services

When well intervention services are needed, reliability and efficiency are key aspects in keeping our customer's operational focus in mind. These efficiencies are gained when you have skilled well intervention personnel who can oversee the entire operation, with the right tools to address the intervention challenge. Halliburton has that expertise, gained from decades of knowledge and experience. 

We offer a broad inventory tools that are specifically designed for thru tubing applications

Whether you need a tool to remove composite bridge plugs, cast iron bridge plugs, cement, sand, scale or fish obstructions from a wellbore, we address each particular well condition and offer a solution to optimize all aspects of fishing, retrieving or milling operations.

We also maintain a full line of fishing tools made specifically for coiled tubing operations.

  • Bi-Directional CT Jars
  • Venturi Junk Baskets
  • Hydrualic and Mechanical Overshots
  • Continuous Overshots and Fishing CT
  • Vibration Technology for Horizontal Applications

Retrieving loose objects, wireline, tubing or junk left in the wellbore can be time consuming. With the right tool and skilled personnel, we can minimize downtime and help our customers quickly resume normal operations.

And most important, our expert tool operators and supervisors are trained to understand how our tools are built, maintained and repaired and they know how they should operate in real-world conditions. 

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