Well Intervention Production Solutions

At Halliburton, we focus on increasing well performance through customized intervention solutions and reliable execution.

With our experienced personnel, rigorous processes, and industry-leading technology, we can support operators by diagnosing production challenges, designing customized solutions to increase well performance, and providing the most efficient well interventions.

Our complete portfolio including Coiled Tubing, Hydraulic Workover, Pumping and Nitrogen, Downhole Tools, and Custom Chemistry gives us the flexibility to address all your challenges.

Chemical compounds for oil and gas drilling

Engineered chemical solutions to overcome well performance challenges related to scaling and organic deposition, unwanted fluid, sand, fines and proppant production, poor reservoir characteristics and formation damage.

Coiled tubing services

Our coiled tubing fleet incorporates the latest safety features and technologies to optimize operational efficiency and service reliability across a diverse range of onshore and offshore environments.

Downhole solution tools

We have developed the most advanced downhole solutions to better diagnose well conditions and deliver interventions with precision and confidence. Our portfolio of specialized tools, real-time telemetry, electrically actuated systems, and selective fracturing technologies offers superior solutions to maximize well performance.

Hydraulic workover services

As the global leader in hydraulic workover services, we are committed to delivering the safest, most efficient and versatile solutions to solve unique industry challenges.

Pumping and nitrogen equipment

Halliburton pumping and nitrogen equipment is designed and manufactured to deliver the most reliable and versatile capabilities of the industry. Our global fleet is uniquely positioned to support any challenges throughout the life of a well.