CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service

CrystalSeal ServiceHalliburton’s CrystalSealSM service treats the injection wells associated with producing wells so that unwanted fluids will not flood the production zones. CrystalSeal is one more smart solution that helps operators maximize production from mature fields.

CrystalSeal service treats the injection wells rather than producing wells, providing a farther-reaching effect with substantially no risk of damage to the producers. Available only from Halliburton, the patented method entails placing a selected swellable agent into a permeable zone in an injection well and using an aqueous solution to swell the agent.

CrystalSeal service is designed to help stop injected fluids in flood projects from flowing into fractured or highly vugular zones (areas characterized by small to medium-sized cavities inside rock that were likely formed through a variety of processes) and eventually communicating directly with the producing wells.

Halliburton’s solution works by deploying a water-swellable CrystalSeal agent, a synthetic polymer capable of absorbing 30 to 400 times its water weight, which seal off the unwanted fluid.

Some likely candidates for CrystalSeal include scenarios such as eroded permeability communications, fissures and fractures in communication, or deteriorated layers of formation rock with friable or karsted aspects. Additionally, CrystalSeal is an appropriate solution for near-wellbore repairs due to its ability to absorb water to help counter water influx. In remedial workovers, where the presence of a highly communicated crossflow behind casing can cause dilution of any cement or sealant, CrystalSeal is also an excellent choice.

CyrstalSeal benefit producers with the following advantages:

  • Improves the sweep efficiency of injection systems, e.g., water flooding and water-alternating-gas (WAG) flooding.
  • Takes effect in only a matter of hours; does not require specialized mixing equipment, and can be added on the fly.
  • Resists carbon dioxide (CO2) contamination, acid contamination, and/or hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environments.
  • Withstands the influx of water and helps prevent dilution of cement or other remediation products.
  • Contains no heavy metal; is nontoxic and environmentally acceptable.
  • Can be removed with oxidizers or bleaching compounds.

CrystalSealSM service has been selected as a finalist in the 2007 World Oil Awards.


CrystalSeal® Water Conformance Control Service

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