Scale Removal

Based on the changes in pressures, pH and temperature and the amount of dissolved solids in your produced water, there is an inherent risk of mineral deposits forming on the surfaces of your pipes and equipment.

For example, some minerals may appear soluble downhole, but as they are brought to the surface, they can begin to produce scale, such as calcium carbonite, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate, potentially increasing your operating expenses, decreasing or stopping the flow of fluids and causing premature equipment failure and fouling.

Halliburton offers a family of scale dissolvers for a different type of scales to restore production from wells with scale plugging issues. 

BaSO4lvent™ Barium Sulfate Scale Remover
BaSO4lvent™ agent (pronounced bay-solvent) is designed to remove barium sulfate and strontium sulfate scales from injection wells, disposal wells, gas wells, or producing wells. Also, BaSO4lvent agent can effectively remove scale deposits in perforations, subsurface safety valves, and gas lift valves.
HalKleen™ G Calcium Sulfate Scale Removal Service
HalKleen™ G Scale Removal Service is a treatment for the removal of anhydrite and gypsum forms of calcium sulfate (CaSO4) from tubing, perforations, and from downhole equipment in the wellbore.
PowerSafe-D-Scale™ Scale Remover
PowerSafe-D-Scale™ agent is applicable for carbonate and calcium-sulfate scale deposits and for matrix acidizing of carbonate formations at elevated temperatures.