Diversion Technologies

Halliburton has developed custom acid blends and techniques for well stimulation focused on understanding the reservoir rock.

For near-wellbore cleanout, matrix acidizing, or acid frac treatments,  Halliburton provides a broad range of technologies for removing near-wellbore damage, or further stimulating the reservoir.

This portfolio of products is complemented with state-of-the-art diversion technologies needed in challenging conditions such as high permeability contrast, presence of natural fractures, and long intervals, among other conditions.

  Guidon AGS AquaLinear AGS Foam Slugs (nitrogen) AeroBoost (for HCl blends only) AccessAcid Matriseal® OWA TBA-110 Zonal Coverage Acid (for HCl blends only) Zonal Coverage Acid II (for HCl blends only) Ball Sealers
Fluid System  
Previusly Frac Wells
Highly Naturally Fracutred
Depleted Formations
High-Perm Contrast


Best Option
Recommended under certain conditions
Not Recommended
AccessAcid℠ Stimulation Service
AccessAcid℠ stimulation service helps improve acid coverage in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, beyond the capabilities of conventional diversion systems, during acid stimulation treatments.
Matriseal® O Diverting Agent
Matriseal® O diverting agent is primarily used in oilproducing sandstone formations. When added to an aqueous carrier fluid, it provides a dispersion of a finely divided, oil-soluble polymer with a high melting point.
TBA-110™ Diverting Agent
TBA-110™ diverting agent temporarily protects producing zones during workover operations. It allows operators to treat zones with permeability differentials by separating the total treatment volume into stages.