Chemical Fluid Loss Control

Halliburton's chemical systems help minimize fluid loss to the formation during overbalanced workover interventions. With completely reversible crosslinking and solids-free formulations, our chemical approaches give operators highly effective and temporary means of controlling fluid loss during a key workover stage, either before, during, or after the installing the completion of the well.

  LO-Gard K-Max* Temblok*
Fluid System  
Cased Hole (CH)
Open Hole (OH)
Stand Alone Screens (SAS)
Post FracPac
Moderate 100 bbl/hr
Severe >100 bbl/hr

* Particulates can be added to enhance performance


Best Option
Recommended under certain conditions
Not Recommended
K-Max-Plus™ Fluid Loss Control
K-Max-Plus™ Fluid Loss Control Provides a marked improvement over the already outstanding K-Max service you have come to rely upon for temporary control of fluid loss in your wells.
LO-Gard℠ Service
New technology for fluid loss control helps improve gravel packcompletion results. A solids-free, low viscosity system that helps minimize completion fluid losses to the formation during or before overbalanced workover interventions such as wellbore cleanups and stimulation treatments, among others.
Temblok™ 80
Solids-free, non-damaging crosslinked gel that serves as a temporary chemical for fluid loss control. This material maintains a low viscosity at ambient conditions and is dependent on an increase in temperature for hydration to occur to form a solid gel.