Asphaltene & Paraffin Deposition

Asphaltene and paraffin deposits can be choking off your production and creating very expensive mechanical problems. Halliburton offers a variety of products that can assist in the removal of these deposits.

If not properly controlled, organic deposits negatively affects asset profitability due to:

  • Decreasing production
  • Increasing pumping pressures
  • Deposits can cause fouling of level controllers
  • Increase risk of pigging operation
  • Reduction of storage capacity of tanks
  • Increase demulsification difficulty
DuraKleen® Asphaltene Removal Service
DuraKleen® Asphaltene Removal Service is a new approach to the decades-old industry problem of asphaltene and paraffin deposition on production equipment. This service uses an environmentally enhanced water/aromatic solvent emulsion system that represents an important advancement in maintaining long-term production rates.
Paragon™ Solvent
Paragon™ Solvent is used to dissolve solid or semisolid paraffin and asphaltene deposits that form on or near the formation face and on tubular goods.
Targon® II Asphaltene Solvent
This is a highly polar organic material. It is added to aromatic solvents to help break the strong intermolecular bonds between asphaltene particles.