Water Injection for Secondary Recovery

Water injection for secondary recovery has proved to be one of the most economical methods for reservoir pressure management. The technology can be valuable in helping maintain reservoir pressure, enhancing production of hydrocarbon reserves, and reducing the environmental impact through reinjection of produced water.

Once it has been determined that a field will benefit from water injection, operators are faced with the challenge of determining the optimal water injection flow rate and pressure for the field. Additionally, injectivity testing can determine maximum particle size, particle count, and chemical treatment requirements for the permanent facility. Halliburton’s fleet of pumps are ideally suited for reservoir injectivity testing and temporary water injection applications.

For injectivity testing, the applications of a range of flow rates and pressures can be used to confirm the optimal injection characteristics for a reservoir. This valuable information is then used as part of the specification for the design of permanent water injection facilities.

Once the optimal injection specification is identified, the Halliburton temporary water injection service can remain on station providing enhanced production from the field while permanent injection systems are fabricated, installed and commissioned. The production gain during this time (up to 24 months) can subsidize, or even pay for, the capital cost of the permanent facility.

Water Injection graph

The Halliburton temporary water injection services can also be utilized when permanent facilities are taken off line for the performance of essential maintenance. The equipment can be mobilized rapidly ensuring that production does not degrade while the permanent water injection facility is off line.

As part of our temporary water injection service, Halliburton offers the following:

  • Water Pumping
  • Filtration
  • Polymer Injection
  • Chemical Injection
  • Water Analysis
  • Particle Count
  • Oil in Water Analysis
  • Water Winning
  • Site Facilities


  • Early start of water flood helps offset reservoir pressure decay
  • Allows enhanced production prior to the commissioning of permanent facilities
  • Exact injection characteristics can be determined before final design of permanent injection package
  • Continued injection during outage of permanent injection packages