Pinnacle Surface Microseismic

Pinnacle's approach to surface microseismic builds on a strong foundation of unconventional basin and formation knowledge, engineering experience and geophysical expertise.

We aim to deliver a quality result by providing a technically sound geophysical answer and meaningful engineering analysis.

Tailored Array Design

Pinnacle's strategy is to deploy the optimal number of receivers required to image microseismic events in the subsurface.  Surface arrays are carefully designed to enhance detection and to work in conjunction with Pinnacle’s advanced processing methodology for signal enhancement.  They are tailored to meet customer objectives and to achieve the highest-quality input data possible.

Moment Tensor Microseismic Imaging

Pinnacle’s surface microseismic workflow integrates surface array tuning with advanced signal processing.  This methodology derived from multiple geophysical disciplines; including earthquake seismology, exploration reflection seismic techniques, and acoustics, creates a relevant event data catalog for input into Pinnacle’s processing algorithm.

MTMI™ (Moment Tensor Microseismic Imaging) is Pinnacle’s proprietary method for diffraction stack migration.  Using a weighted stack, where weights are determined by the source ray’s take-off and incidence angles, MTMI simultaneously images and decomposes the moment tensors for all detected microseismic events. Imaged events appear as a single hotspot, instead of the more conventional set of two or four lobes, giving a precise event location. 

Pinnacle customers benefit from thorough geophysical and engineering analysis rooted in years of unconventional basin experience.  In this way, Pinnacle customers can maximize the value of their microseismic investment.