FracNetSM Service

Pinnacle’s FracNet℠ Service uses award winning microdeformation fracture mapping technologies to directly measure and characterize hydraulic fracture fluid placement in the reservoir. FracNet Service provides operators with valuable insight to increase production from unconventional reservoirs including:

  • Fracture complexity diagnostics
  • Identification of non-productive (horizontal) fractures
  • Invaluable information to calibrate fracture and reservoir models to optimize fracture design, completion design and well spacing design
  • Verification of actual extent of hydraulic fracture deformation near geologic features such as faults and tectonic zones

FracNetSM Service is provided in three deliverable tiers:

FracNet Direct service provides fracture detection, orientation, and complexity.

FracNet SRC (Stimulated Reservoir Characterization) service provides insight into the spatial distribution of complex fracture components.

FracNet HDI (Hydraulic Deformation Index) service provides an understanding of the overall deformed reservoir area due to the hydraulic fracture.

FracNet Service has been employed by producers worldwide to help:

  • Identify and characterize complex hydraulic fracture behavior for fracture and reservoir model refinement
  • Improve upon microseismic-defined stimulated reservoir areas
  • Improve well placement and enhanced recovery designs
  • Map in-situ stress state for borehole stability and optimal horizontal well trajectories
  • Identify hydraulic fracture reorientation
  • Identify horizontal fracturing

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Summary Summary FracNet Surface Microdeformation Fracture Mapping
Microdeformation fracture mapping is a unique diagnostic technology in the oil and gas industry that provides a direct measurement of critical fracture parameters—specifically identifying where and how injected fluids have been placed within the reservoir.
Summary Summary Integrating Microseismic, Fracture Diagnostics Data Improves Stimulation Analysis
Microseismic is an indispensable technology that provides critical information on hydraulic fracturing parameters, but it cannot provide all the precise information to enable a full understanding of stimulation behavior in unconventional reservoirs. Obtaining a complete picture of the fracturing process requires integrating microseismic with advanced diagnostic solutions such as surface tiltmeters, downhole tiltmeters, and fiber optic distributed temperature and acoustic sensing, as well as more conventional diagnostic tools, including tracers, flow tests, fracture modeling, diagnostic injection tests, and production data analysis.
Summary Summary FracNet℠ Services
FracNetSM Service is a diagnostic technology which uses microdeformation measurements from surface tiltmeters to provide information about reservoir mechanics and how it affects recovery potential.
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