Stimulation Chemicals

The increased productivity of a well results from new flow channels from which natural gas and oil can be recovered from the targeted formation. To effectively increase the productivity, Multi-Chem offers a broad portfolio of specialty chemicals, designed to support and enhance the stimulation process.

Our stimulation chemical offerings include discrete products as well as integrated fluid systems, depending on our client’s needs. This includes a comprehensive array of both standard and custom-formulated chemicals for every well stimulation challenge. The portfolio of products include gelling systems, friction reducers, crosslinkers, breakers, buffers, clay control, surfactants, scale inhibitors, and biocides.

Ascend™ Surfactant Solutions
Ascend™ surfactant solutions provides a customizable, dual-component surfactant package which can travel further into the formation than conventional surfactant to access additional trapped hydrocarbon.
Legend™ Stimulation Fluid Chemicals
The Legend™ stimulation chemical portfolio includes a comprehensive array of both standard and custom-formulated chemicals, along with integrated fluids systems, for every well stimulation challenge.
MicroScout® Service
Creating complexity in unconventionals reservoirs during the fracturing treatment is only the first step to realizing the reservoir’s full potential.
NaturaLine® Products and Solutions
Multi-Chem’s NaturaLine® solutions, including our line of carefully selected environmentally conscious products, offer a unique opportunity to collaborate with customers and develop the most effective and environmentally responsible options to production challenges.
RockOn® Surfactants
Custom RockOn® surfactants from Multi-Chem deliver superior results in the field—higher initial production and greater ultimate recovery for better financial returns over the life of your well. Specifically formulated based on core sample testing, each RockOn solution is custom-tailored to take into account the unique reservoir characteristics, with options to fit your specific environmental requirements.
Transcend™ Permeability Enhancers
The Transcend™ permeability-enhancer portfolio is our premiere offering for flow-enhancing technology. Using proprietary microemulsion technology, Transcend enhancers expand the reservoir contact area and improve fluid flow to increase recovery factor.

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