Roller Cone Drill Bits

With a focus on “the science behind the bit,” Halliburton continues to break new ground with a suite of high performance roller cone bits supported by a dramatically improved bit platform that increases bearing reliability to deliver even greater performance benefits.

In pursuit of innovation in those key technologies proven to expand the application range of roller cone bits, Halliburton Drill Bits and Services’ has advanced every aspect of roller cone design, from body design to bearing seal.

  • Energy Balanced® Bit design platform optimizes rock removal for the application
  • Increased Bearing Size significantly increases bit load carrying capacity
  • Engineered Hydraulics optimizes arm geometry to create directed flow channels
  • Innovative MPC pressure compensation system increases bearing-seal system reliability
  • Improved Bearing Lubricants extend bearing system life
  • Redesigned Seals better withstand heat, contamination, wear
  • Optimum Protection Options include patented hardfacing and diamond enhanced compacts

Through our process of Design at the Customer Interface (DatCISM) process, Halliburton engineers the right combination of these advanced features in a process of “model, measure, optimize” to create customer-specific bit solutions.

Adaero™ Roller Cone Drill Bit
The Adaero™ Roller Cone Drill Bit is a specialized roller cone bit designed for your less challenging drilling applications.
StrikeForce™ Drill Bits
StrikeForce drill bits enable Halliburton to provide a unique technology solution that helps operators drill faster and further for longer periods of time, at the lowest cost per foot, resulting in a lower cost per BOE.

Roller Cone Drill Bits

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MegaForce™ Drill Bits: The Industry's Most Robust Matrix Body Drill Bit
Drilling through the most challenging formations, the MegaForce™ bit delivers higher ROP and longer intervals drilled than any other bit.