Crush & Shear™ Hybrid Drill Bit Technology

Two cutting structures, one bit, zero compromises

The new Crush & Shear™ hybrid drill bit technology from Halliburton combines the efficiency of traditional polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters with the torque-reducing capabilities of rolling elements to increase drilling efficiency and maximize bit stability through changing formations. It can withstand high weight on bit (WOB) while reducing torque fluctuations, which results in improved tool face control and smoother drilling. Its lateral stability reduces overall vibrations, increases drilling efficiency, and extends the life of PDC elements.


  • Increased efficiency (ROP)
    • Selecting optimal cutting mechanism for each region of the bit improves overall efficiency of the system
  • Improved stability
    • Uncut core centralizes bit and reduces lateral vibrations
    • Rollers prevent over engagement and reduce torsional fluctuations

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