Hybrid Drill Bits

New hybrid drill technology increases efficiency and maximizes bit stability

Current hybrid bit technologies sacrifice drilling speed by placing the cutters and rolling elements in redundant locations. Crush & Shear™  technology reimagines the bit by placing roller cones in the bit's center for efficient crushing of the foramtion and moves the cutters to the shoulder for maximal rock shearing. As a result, the bit increases control, durability and achieves a higher rate of penetration.

Because each application presents unique challenges to performance, our Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI℠) process positions experienced design personnel side-by-side with the customer, and equips them with the most sophisticated drilling analysis software available, enabling application-specific design solutions to optimize detailed aspects of drill bit design.

Crush & Shear™ Hybrid Drill Bit Technology
The new Crush & Shear™ hybrid drill bit technology from Halliburton combines the efficiency of traditional polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters with the torque-reducing capabilities of rolling elements to increase drilling efficiency and maximize bit stability through changing formations.

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