Stega™ Efficient Layout Technique

A new fixed cutter bit feature

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Cutter engagement is critical in determining forces on a drill bit. The Stega layout technique enables Halliburton to provide operators with drilling efficiency gains of more than 10% in some applications, simply by a change in cutter-location—with no loss in diamond volume or durability of your cutting structure. It is particularly useful in hard and abrasive conditions, where It matters how much area of a cutter can be engaged into the formation with the least amount of force being applied.

Unique customized layout

Typically, things like cutter size, blade count, and cutter backrakes are manipulated to mitigate challenging drilling environments. The Stega layout technique is unique in that it allows you to incorporate PDC cutters into a fixed cutter bit's design; thereby, maximizing efficiency when the back-up cutter comes into contact with the formation being drilled. This is accomplished by strategically moving back-up cutting elements along the bit profile to take advantage of the bottom hole pattern created by the primary cutting structure.

Stega™ Efficient Layout Technique

The layout can be customized for specific applications to ensure the load is successfully removed from the primary cutting structure, without sacrificing overall efficiency or rate of penetration (ROP). Drilling costs are reduced by extending the life of the main cutting tool due to a highly efficient engagement of the backup cutters. And, if a primary cutter wears out or breaks, the back-up cutters' engagement is automatically converted to that of a primary cutter with the same ROP capability.

Leveraging DatCI™

This is one more way that Halliburton's Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI™) process is rapidly optimizing each drill bit helping to bring the solutions you need anywhere, anytime around the world.

A tested, field proven solution

We have conducted simulations along with lab testing to identify the most innovative techniques available for cutter placement. As a result, operators around the world are drilling faster and farther while retaining durability and high ROP. Look for this new feature commonly used in our dual row bits ("D" series), distinguished by the back-up cutters not being directly behind the primary cutter on the same blade.

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