Geometrix™ 4D Shaped Cutters

A new line of PDC cutters

Improve drilling efficiency and lower drilling costs

Today's drilling challenges call for innovative, precise cutting tools that save time and money at the wellsite. Geometrix™ 4D Shaped Cutters are designed to provide more efficient drilling by mitigating chip flow, friction, and thermal degradation issues. An assortment of unique geometries, added to the traditional cylinder cutter, supports the growing need for drill bit Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI) in specific applications, including the most demanding directional drilling projects.

Choose the right cutter for the right job

The family of geometrically shaped PDC cutters currently comes in four types, described below.

Chisel™ Plowed Scribe Cutter

This Scribe-style cutter is especially effective in drilling environments of hard, brittle rock types, such as carbonates. It utilizes three-dimensional pointed geometry to efficiently pre-fracture rock, axially and circumferentially. This shape also improves fluid flow and minimizes cuttings build up on the face of the cutter.

Chopper™ Plowed Chip Breaking Cutter

A ridged diamond table surface makes this multi-planed cutter shape best suited for high energy drilling in interbedded shales, where it circumferentially pre-fractures rock.

Dagger™ Multi-Plowed Cutter

This cutter is shaped for high energy drilling in shale and ductile rocks. Its several ridges on the face of the cutter create a fluid boundary layer between the cutter and ribbon/chip for more efficient chip evacuation. The ridges also aid in thermal dissipation by increasing the cutter's surface area.

Machete™ Full Cylinder Scribe Cutter

This reconfigured Scribe cutter helps to pre-fracture rock through point loading in hard, brittle applications. The new geometry provides improved thermal stability and retention of a sharper point throughout the drilling process.


The combination of Halliburton's bit design and application expertise has gone into creating this series of shaped cutters to deliver the highest performance possible. With different shapes for different purposes, each cutter ultimately delivers the same high-performance benefits:

  • Reduced friction from chip flow
  • Less heat buildup at the cutter tip
  • Faster drilling, with improved rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Minimal wear and degradation of the diamond

Look for future expansion of the Geometrix 4D Shaped Cutter product line to include additional shaped cutter types, as Halliburton strives to continuously meet your requirements with customized drill bit solutions.

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