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CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service

Success in extracting hydrocarbons from shale and other low-permeability formations has transformed the energy landscape in the Unites States. Now, the lessons learned and the technologies developed for American shales are being applied to development of unconventional basins around the world.

Halliburton Consulting has been instrumental in the early development of shale plays, including the Bakken, Eagle Ford, Monterrey, Marcellus, European shales and, most recently, Australian shales. We are advising clients on the right technology for their plays, sharing our understanding of the differences between shales and what makes them productive, and helping operators manage lower-margin projects profitability.

What Can Halliburton Consulting Do for You in Unconventionals?

We have the people

  • We can provide an integrated team of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and drilling and completions personnel that works with the client's team on the project to maximize exploration efficiency.
  • Our team members are multi-lingual and distributed around the world. They all have experience in Halliburton's technologies for unconventional reservoirs.
  • We have expert shale project managers, who can drive efficiencies throughout your shale development program execution.
  • Our Subject Matter Experts have more than 400 years of aggregate industry experience. They adapt to become part of client's team and provide knowledge transfer.

We have the processes

  • We utilize a proven exploration workflow to facilitate effective screening of potential shale opportunities and identification of "sweet spots" for pilot well drilling.
  • We can simulate reservoir behavior and predict production depending on well architecture and fracturing treatment.
  • We can create full field development plans, with specific consideration for surface restrictions and subsurface characteristics for maximum shale productivity.

We have the technology

  • CYPHER℠seismic-to-stimulation service encompasses all key modules for unconventional field development, from basin modeling through to production analysis and field optimization. At its center is a fast-loop, fully integrated, continuously refined Asset Model. The model integrates all reservoir properties to improve well placement, completion design, and well and field performance.
  • Access to state-of-the-art visualization facilities and computing capability enabling collaborative working environments and potential for high-resolution reservoir modeling.
  • We apply Halliburton's global experience in unconventional reservoirs, transferring expertise from North American shale plays.

CYPHER® Seismic-to-Stimulation Service

A collaborative workflow designed to maximize production from unconventional reserves and lower your cost per BOE.

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Numerical and statistical analyses of shale plays turn up some interesting results.
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CYPHER service applies geoscience techniques and applied engineering to help minimize cost and maximize the net present value of your reservoir assets.
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A step change improvement in modern fracturing operations.
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