Execution in Unconventionals

Enhancing Well Design, Placement, and Completions with Unique Tools

As part of Halliburton, Consulting has unprecedented access, understanding and inside knowledge of the newest technology advancements in the area of unconventionals. We can advise you on what technology is best suited for your particular shale, based on our analysis coupled with this intimate understanding of the Halliburton toolbox.

Get to Full Production Faster

Shale often involves marginal economics. The faster you can find optimal well and stimulation plans for a reservoir, the more profitable you become. Halliburton Consulting fully understands shale complexity and the cutting-edge technologies that can quickly exploit it at reduced risk.

AccessFrac® Stimulation Service
AccessFrac stimulation service is Halliburton’s process to optimize proppant distribution for improved long-term production performance.
Frac of the Future™
A step change improvement in modern fracturing operations.
CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service | Halliburton
CYPHER service applies geoscience techniques and applied engineering to help minimize cost and maximize the net present value of your reservoir assets.