Tru-Drift® Mill Sleeve

Drift sub for ensuring fit of completion equipment

The CleanWell® Tru-Drift® mill sleeve is designed to provide a 360° downhole drift simulation. Water-coursed stabilizers are locked to the integral mandrel allowing the mill sleeve to be rotated and to mechanically assist in addressing casing tight spots or restrictions. The mill sleeve can be dressed with tapered tungsten mills for aggressive casing ID restoration or standard stabilizers for routine drift validation.

The Tru-Drift mill sleeve can be run in conjunction with other casing cleaning systems and often eliminates the need to make a wireline / gauge ring run subsequent to displacement operations. The mill sleeve can save valuable rig time and helps ensure no NPT is encountered when deploying critical OD equipment downhole.

Features and Benefits

  • Integral mandrel
    • Smooth inner bore
    • No internal connections or upsets
  • Big bore design (large ID)
  • 360° drift simulation
  • Abundant radial total flow area (TFA)
  • Locking sleeves rotate with pipe enabling tight spots to be addressed
  • Simulates close tolerance packer ODs
  • 4145 or 4330 material construction
  • Adaptable stabilizers
  • Stress concentration management
  • Technical specifications validated through FEA modeling

Tru-Drift® Mill Sleeve

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