BR0 Modular Straddle System

The BR0 modular straddle system allows the deployment of long straddles in sections where running in one trip is not possible due to available lubricator height restrictions. The modular straddle system consists of the BR0 seal bore packer and the RS2 tubing anchor seal assembly. The first run places a lower BR0 packer with integral seal receptacle immediately below the section to be isolated. An RS2 anchor latch, tubing and upper RS2 seal receptacle (RS2 intermediate assembly) is then run and latched into the lower BR0 packer's seal receptacle. The required number of RS2 intermediate assemblies are then run to make up the desired straddle length. The final run consists of a RS2 anchor latch, pup joint and upper BR0 packer.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps maintain production and avoid costly well workover
  • One-piece dual modulus packing element enhances ability to return to original shape upon release thus reducing the risk of hanging up
  • Slip mechanism positioned below the packing element and protected from casing debris
  • Slip design and controlled setting action ensures the stresses exerted on the casing or tubing is evenly distributed thus preventing damage


BR0 Modular Straddle System

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