BB Wireline-Retrievable Straddle

The BB straddle is a large bore pack-off device used to seal off damaged or perforated tubing and isolate the annulus from tubing pressure. Run in a single trip, the straddle incorporates dual packing elements, which provide a pressure seal while slip mechanisms anchor the straddle to the wellbore. An intermediate pup joint assembly can be lengthened in order to extend the overall straddle length if desired.

Features and Benefits

  • One-piece dual modulus packing element enhances ability to return to original shape upon release thus reducing the risk of hanging up.
  • Modular design allows for Straddle lengths to be varied from approximately 10 to 60 feet between packing elements.
  • Slip mechanisms isolated from wellbore and protected from well debris thus improving reliability.
  • Slip design and controlled setting action ensures the stresses exerted on the casing or tubing is evenly distributed thus preventing damage.
  • Full contact slip/dual cone array


BB Wireline-Retrievable Straddle

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