Single-Trip Perf/Pack-Gun Hanger (STPP™-GH) System

The Single-Trip Perf/Pack-Gun Hanger (STPP™-GH) system provides cost-effective, single run completions that combines perforating and gravel packing in a single string. With the STPP-GH system, the sand control packer and screens are detached from the perforating guns before perforating to eliminate impact loads on the sand control equipment. After perforating, the auto-release gun hanger mechanism allows the expended guns to drop to the bottom of the well. After the well is perforated, the sump packer is lowered and set below the perforations to complete frac-pack operations. The STPP-GH system provides increased safety as well as economic benefits by combining multiple operations in a single pipe trip. The system can minimize completion fluid loss, reduce rig cost, and reduce well control risks.


  • Auto-release gun hanger system
  • Eliminates mechanical shock of perforating
  • Minimizes pressure shock


  • Increases safety and reliability - well control and fluid circulation
  • Reduces rig time and risk
  • Reduction of CAPEX
  • Maximizes net present value
  • Reduces brine loss



STPP™-GH (Single Trip Perf/Pack-Gun Hanger)

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