Offshore Pumping & Mixing Equipment

From superior sound abatement to vibration and dust control, Halliburton's offshore pumping equipment is the perfect choice for offshore projects. Our skids are equipped with standard features such as density-control and data-recording systems to ensure consistent and predictable slurry performance. 

Halliburton offers two choices for high-pressure pumping: 

  • Halliburton's HT-400 ® High-Pressure Pump
  • Halliburton's HQ-2000 ® High-Pressure Pump

The HT-400 pump

  • Type certified horizontal 4-in. by 8-in. pump with "L" spacers
  • Single-acting plunger type
  • Fluid end pressure rating of 15,000 psi with 4-in. plungers
  • Worm reductions gear drive ratio of 8.4:1, totally enclosed in an all-steel power case
  • Acid-resistant steel plungers capable of pumping acid, water, drilling fluids and other fluids , and of course, cement slurries
  • 3-in. style 1502 threaded discharge flange and 3-in by 2-in Chicksan crossover
  • Maximum discharge rate of each pump with 4-in. plungers is 8½ barrels per minute (bpm) for a total unit discharge rate of 17 bpm

The HQ-2000 pump

  • Type certified horizontal 4½ -in. by 8-in. quintiplex pump with "L" spacers
  • Single-acting plunger type
  • Fluid end pressure rating of 11,200 psi with 4½ -in. plungers
  • Single helical gear set with case carburized and ground teeth with a gear reduction ration of 6.313:1; totally enclosed in an all-steel power case
  • Acid-resistant steel plungers capable of pumping acid, water, drilling fluids and other fluids , and of course, cement slurries
  • Two 3-in. style 1502 threaded discharge flange
  • Maximum discharge rate of each pump with 4½ -in. plungers is 23.9 bpm for a total skid unit discharge rate of 32.2 bpm
HCS Advantage™ System - Approximate Dimensions
Length 24 ft – 4 in. (7,416 mm)
Width 8 ft – 0 in. (2,438 mm) or
10 ft - 0 in. (3,048 mm)
Height 12 ft – 9 in. (3,886 mm)
Weight (Diesel) 52,890 lb (23,990 kg)
Weight (Electric) 49,890 lb (22,630 kg)
HCS COMBO™ System – Approximate Dimensions
Length 27 ft – 3 in. (8,305 mm)
Width 11 ft – 8 in. (3,556 mm)
Height 12 ft – 9 in. (3,886 mm)
Weight (Diesel) 72,960 lb (33,094 kg)
Weight (Electric) 64,960 lb (29,465 kg)
Slurry Density Capabilities
Slurry Flow Rate
Slurry Weight
Specific Gravity
6.09 16.7 2
8.01 14.67 1.75
11.92 12.5 1.5
14.15 11.5 1.25
Note: Slurry density capability is dependent on slurry mixing rate and rig bulk cement delivery to mixer.
HT-400™ Pump Configuration/Rate
4 in. 7.5 bpm
4 ½ in. 9.8 bpm
RCM ® IIIr Mixing System Design
Mixing rate 0-14 barrels / minute*
Bulk cement delivery > 65 sacks / minute
Density meter 5 lbs/gal to 22 lbs / gal

The Model 410 SCFM Compressor Skid – Halliburton-designed air-compressor skid supplies low-pressure air to the bulk system.

The PLC Control System – Advanced mixing control system designed for hazardous area operations offshore.

Automatic Density Control (ADC ® mixing system)

  • UNIPRO™ II computer system provides automatic control over the flow rate of incoming dry material and mixing water (automatic operational mode)
  • Two back up systems: (1) electrically overrides the UNIPRO II system with a potentiometer in the control stand (manual electric operational mode); (2) manual system that bypasses the hydraulic system and manually moves the water valve and cement throttling valve (manual mechanical emergency operational mode)
  • Signals are received from the 3-in. mixing water flow meter and the 3-in. density meter, adjusting the incoming flow to the correct rate and density
  • Allows preprogramming of up to three stages of cement blends
  • Accommodates rate, density, and stage changes during the job

RCM ® IIIr High-Energy Mixing System

The RCM ® IIIr mixer mixes pneumatically conveyed bulk dry cement and cement material with the mixing water for a thoroughly mixed and homogenous slurry.

  • Provides a linear relationship and a single control point between valve position and dry bulk material rate and water rate
  • Dry cement feed rate controlled by cement throttle valve atop mixer
  • Fresh water entry feed rate controlled by a rotary-jet valve located in the mixer
  • Cement dust is minimized by the wetting of dust particles before they can escape to the atmosphere
  • RCM Tank: Pre-mix compartment of the RCM tank receives the cement slurry, mixing it again with mechanical agitators before returning it back to the RCM IIIr mixer via the re-circulating centrifugal pump
  • Designed to re-circulate slurry through Density Sensor and back into mixer to provide higher mixing energy
  • Allows re-circulated slurry to mix with the incoming water and cement for more effective mixing
  • Diffuses the energy of the re-circulated and newly mixed slurries to minimize air entrainment
Continuous Metering System (CMS) Proportioning System
Accurately provides continuous delivery of the liquid additive to the mixing water at a rate proportional to the mixing rate.
SKD-4 Modular System
A modular, compact system that includes the industry standard HT-400 pump.
HCS COMBO Cementing System Skid
Cementing and well-control pump performance when higher than normal pump rates are required.
80-Ft3 (2.26-m3) Steady Flow Separator
The Halliburton steady-flow separator equipment is pressurized to deliver steady cement flow to offshore recirculating mixing systems.
BMS-100 Batch Mixer Skid
The mixing system for the BMS-100 Batch Mixer skid includes two 50 bbl (5.96 m³), 92 inch (2.34 m) x 84 inch (2.13 m) rectangular profile vertical mixing tanks each with four 24 in. (0.61 m) blade diameter, hydraulically driven agitators.
HCS Advantage™ Cementing System Skid
Twin HT-400™ pump cementing skid designed for hazardous area installation.

Offshore Pumping & Mixing Equipment

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