HR-800™ Cement Retarder

An alternative to commonly used lignin retarders

HR-800 is a non-lignin cement retarder is capable of retarding cement at temperatures between 80 - 220°F (20 - 105°C). This material has been environmentally approved, and is compatible in a wide range of additive combinations in API cements.

HR-800 retarder is an alternative to commonly used lignin retarders. Because of its good strength development, Ensur retarder may have application in a variety of situations such as water-extended slurries, long cement columns, or cooler temperatures.

This product also has shown a predictable response to changes in concentration, and repeatable results, which may aid in slurry design, lab time, and help smooth operations. Ensur retarder has been proven effective in several API Class cements including Class G, Class H, Class A, and Class C.

HR-800™ Cement Retarder—Product Specifications
 SAP No.  101569119 - CHEM, HR-800 RETARDER, 1 LB SAMPLE
 101569121 - CHEM, HR-800 RETARDER, 50 LB BAG
 Physical state  Solid  Bulk density (lb/ft3)  48
 Color  White  Boiling point °F (°C)  ND
 Density (lb/gal)  15.41  Freezing point °F (°C)  ND
 pH  ~7  Flash point °F (°C)  ND
 Specific gravity  1.85    

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HR-800â„¢ Cement Retarder

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