HR®-6L Cement Retarder

HR®-6L retarder is a 40% solution of a chemically modified lignosulfonate. It can be used to retard all API classes of cement as well as Pozmix® cement.

HR®-6L retarder can be used in wells with bottomhole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) between 110°F and 210°F (43°C and 99°C).

HR®-6L retarder has a slight dispersing effect on cement slurries. Otherwise, this retarder interacts well with other additives.

HR®-6L retarder can provide the following benefits:

  • It overrides the gelling effect of some cements.
  • This retarder can provide uniform setting curves at BHCTs between 110°F and 210°F (43°C and 99°C).
  • HR®-6L retarder helps improve displacement rates at steady pressures.
  • It helps extend pumping times.
  • This retarder allows operators to better predict thickening times.

HR®-6L Cement Retarder

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