Latex 3000™ Cement Additive

Latex 3000™ cement additive is a liquid additive designed to lower equivalent circulating density (ECD) and impart excellent fluid-loss control, high-temperature suspension properties, and acid resistance to cement slurries. Latex 3000 additive is successful across a wide range of well conditions (60°F/16°C to 400°F/ 204°C circulating temperature) and is used in both primary casing cementing operations and remedial squeeze work.

Application and Features

Cement can be treated with Latex 3000 additive to obtain slurries with excellent wetting properties, low viscosities, and increased resiliency. These properties help increase bonding strength, resulting in a tighter annular seal and superior zonal isolation.

Latex 3000 additive helps provide resistance to attack on the cement sheath by corrosive fluids such as acids. Cements containing Latex 3000 additive have increased corrosion resistance over standard cements.

Under high-temperature downhole conditions, Latex 3000 additive also can provide excellent solids-suspension properties in high-density slurries, and it can also exhibit excellent rheological properties while helping to control slurry segregation.

Slurries can be designed with Latex 3000 additives to function in accordance with Halliburton’s gas migration theory. Slurries containing Latex 3000 additive can provide low fluid loss control, delaying static gel time, and shortening transition time. Latex 3000 additive can also be used in conjunction with Halliburton’s ZoneSeal® Isolation cementing service for foamed cement.

Normally, dispersants and defoamers are used with Latex 3000 additive to keep the latex suspended in the slurry and to help prevent entrained air. The typical concentration range of Latex 3000 additive is 1 to 3 gal/sk.


Latex 3000 additive can provide the following benefits to the cement system

  • Lowers ECD resulting in consistent pump rates and better mud displacement
  • Improved bonding to the casing
  • Resistance to attack by corrosive fluids
  • Mechanical data show that Latex 3000 additive is more resilient than the set cement containing Latex 2000™ additive.
  • Superior solids suspension properties
  • Exceptionally low fluid loss, while exhibiting excellent rheological properties
  • Latex 3000 additive slurries containing up to 18% salt typically do not require the use of a stabilizer.
    • Requires the use of stabilizer in saturated salt slurries to help prevent coagulation
  • Compatible with current retarders in the portfolio
  • Functions at bottomhole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) of 60°F to 400°F.

Latex 3000™ Cement Additive

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