D-Air 5000™ Defoamer

D-Air 5000™ defoamer helps eliminate the formation of foam and/or reduces the amount of foam entrained in to the cement slurry during mixing. D-Air 5000 defoamer is a hydrophobic material that is dispersible, but not soluble, in water and thus can remain active even at low concentrations. D-Air 5000 defoamer has no affect on rheological properties and/or fluid loss characteristics of cement slurries containing fluid loss additives such as Halad®-344 or Halad®-413 fluid loss additives. Additionally, D-Air 5000 defoamer is compatible with conventional retarders with negligible effect on thickening time and compressive strength development.


D-Air 5000™ defoamer has the following features:

  • Significant defoaming characteristics
  • Replaces D-Air 3000™ defoamer
  • Will not affect fluid loss, thickening time or compressive strength


D-Air 5000 defoamer can be used to provide foam control with a variety of slurries, including slurries with high yield points and those containing retarders and/or sodium chloride (NaCl). Recommended concentrations of D-Air 5000 defoamer ranges from 0.0025% to 0.45% by weight of cement.

D-Air 5000™ Defoamer

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