D-Air 4000L™ Defoamer

D-Air 4000L™ solids-free defoamer and de-air entraining additive does not produce any of the settling issues normally found with cementing defoamers of this type. D-Air 4000L defoamer has a very low pour point for cold weather, and has been environmentally evaluated for use in the Gulf of Mexico. It has not however been environmentally evaluated according to OSPAR regulations for North Sea usage.

D-Air 4000L defoamer has been shown to have minimal effects on fluid loss control, thickening time, viscosity, or compressive strength.

D-Air 4000L defoamer can be used with a variety of slurries, including slurries with high yield points, and those containing additives such as HR®-12 retarder and sodium chloride (NaC1). Recommended concentrations of D-Air 4000L defoamer range from 0.0025 to 0.45% by weight of cement (BWOC).

D-Air 4000L defoamer offers the following advantages:

  • Solid-free defoamer with a better shelf life than that of D-Air 3000L
  • Environmentally evaluated for use in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Lower pour point than D-Air 3000L™ defoamer

D-Air 4000Lâ„¢ Defoamer

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