ThermaLock™ Cement

ThermaLock is a non Portland cement system. It is a product of joint research on high temperature geothermal wells. It has been tested and proven at temperatures as low as 140 deg F and as high as 700 deg F and is specially designed for corrosive CO2 environments.

  • Resists corrosion caused by CO2
  • Protects pipe and casing
  • Good for all temperatures
  • Non-Portland cement formulation
  • High strength development and weight retention

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a common element in downhole fluids, whether naturally occurring in ground waters or the result of CO2 injection processes. When CO2 comes into contact with the Portland cement that is used to cement well casings, it produces a deterioration phenomenon in the cement called carbonation. Over time, the loss of cement due to carbonation can cause serious damage to downhole tubulars and destroy zonal isolation integrity, resulting in costly remedial services or even abandonment of a well.

ThermaLock™ cement is a specially formulated calcium phosphate cement that is both CO2 and acid resistant. The result of a joint development project for high temperature, geothermal wells, ThermaLock cement is now being promoted as an alternative for Portland cement wherever CO2 may be encountered. It has been laboratory tested and proven at temperatures as low as 140°F and as high as 700°F. Under test conditions that cause Class G, H, and latex containing Portland cements to lose up to half their weight, ThermaLock cement’s properties are only slightly affected or may actually improve.

ThermaLock cement can provide the following benefits:

  • Can greatly reduce concerns about the long-term affects of CO2 and acid in operators’ wells
  • Can save high remedial operation costs
  • Can save abandonment, re-drilling, and recompletion costs
  • Doesn’t require special cementing equipment or techniques
  • Greatly expands operators’ cementing options and opportunities for new applications

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ThermaLock™ Cement

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