Pozmix® A Pozzolanic Cement Additive

Pozmix A additive helps lighten the slurry and enhance its pumping properties. This additive can be used at

bottomhole temperatures (BHTs) between 80°F and 550°F (27C° to 288°C). Typical Pozmix slurries are a 50/50 blend of Pozmix A additive and cement.

Pozmix A additive is compatible with all classes of cement used to make Pozmix cement slurries. It also reacts with lime to produce a cement-like material. At high BHTs, Pozmix A additive should not be used with retarded cement.

Pozmix A additive can provide the following benefits:

  • It helps reduce the permeability of set cement and helps improve the cement’s perforating properties.
  • It helps cement resist attack from sulfate and acid, and it helps prevent corrosion from seawater.
  • Pozmix A additive requires minimal mixing water and can provide good expansion properties.
  • This additive helps promote a good cement bond.

Pozmix® A Pozzolanic Cement

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