FineCem™ Cement

FineCem™ cement is a fine-particle, high surface-area cement blend that can be very useful for squeeze jobs.

Application and Features:  FineCem cement can be used on squeeze jobs where /ne-particle cement blends are required. In squeeze cementing operations, this cement blend can be applied where conditions make it desirable for the cement slurry to penetrate areas previously inaccessible to conventional cement slurry, such as “tight” casing leaks, gravel packs, small fractures, channels, or microannuli. FineCem™ cement slurries can also be used in slimhole conditions for production strings.

Tight Casing LeaksConventionally, “tight” casing leaks (the type that bleed o0 pressure yet will not accept a continuous injection rate) usually must be broken down with acid to increase the leak area so that cement slurry can enter. However, FineCem cement slurries can penetrate the small leak much more easily and therefore repair it without prior breakdown.

Gravel Packs:  Wells completed and produced containing gravel packs typically develop high-permeability streaks, resulting in steam or water breakthrough and attendant problems associated with either condition. Standard cement slurries, because of their greater particle size, are unable to produce more than a skin effect following squeeze procedures. FineCem cement, however, is able to penetrate the permeability of the gravel pack to e0ectively shut o0 undesired water, gas, or steam production.

Primary Cementing:  In addition to squeeze cementing, FineCem cement can be used as a lightweight cement for primary cementing. Early compressive strengths of these slurries, especially at temperatures lower than 110°°F, are very high in comparison to conventional lightweight slurries.

Benefits:  FineCem cement can provide the following benefits:

  • Excellent pumping properties due to the ultra/ne particle size
  • Eliminates the need for dispersants or friction reducers
  • Can be moved through the scale tank of the bulk plant for easy blending of additives, simplifying /eld operations and improving safety by eliminating handling of sacks in the field
  • Compatible with all cement additives and does not require dispersants

FineCem™ Cement

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