Liquid Additive Automated Metering & Pumping Unit

The Liquid Additive Automated Metering & Pumping unit has been designed for offshore rigs for use during cementing operations to accurately meter all types of liquid additives. It uses a PLC system to control injection of the liquid additives into the suction side of the mix-water pump (4 × 4) or the suction side of the HT-400™ pump on the Halliburton cementing skid. Each additive is injected at a rate proportional to one of the following:

  • Mixing rate
  • Driver’s side pump rate
  • Passenger’s side pump rate
  • Combined downhole pump rate
  • Another liquid additive
  • Mag rate
  • Manually entered rate

This liquid additive system is ABS and DNV type-certified and suitable for use in ATEX Zone 2.  It is enabled by single-pump modules and a separate control module to allow for configuration flexibility while addressing different pumping requirements and flow rates with positive displacement pumps. Ultrasonic level sensors allow for recording liquid additive inventory and a third confirmation of flow. This system also reports on variations in the mixing and/or pumping rates in real time via the closed loop control of the PLC system.