iFacts™ Laboratory Management System

iFacts™ laboratory management system  is a dynamic repository of global test results from Halliburton fluids laboratories.  This enables anytime and anywhere access to a depth of test data that can be referenced by job types, test type, specific parameters such as temperatures, densities, fluid type, and more. This increases the efficiency in optimizing fluid designs globally by enabling local laboratories to leverage the collective knowledge.

Halliburton has several hundred field laboratories for fluids testing around the world. Each laboratory is responsible for the quality-control testing of drilling fluids, cement slurry system designs, and stimulation/fracturing fluids for use in customer wells in the region or district to which it is dedicated. Although the laboratories are geographically dispersed, laboratory operations are standardized and the test results are captured and globally accessible through iFacts laboratory management system.

All material and fluid samples are registered, scanned and referenced via a barcode scanning label. Whether the samples are captured in the warehouse, the bulk plant or on the rig site, each carries a standard minimum-information bar-coded label. This information is then captured in the iFacts system and the sample is dynamically followed through all requested test.

Each sample is assigned an appropriate series of tests. The test requests are submitted through the iFacts system where the requests are reviewed and assigned to a technician. The iFacts system allows testing data to be attached to the repository so the requesting engineers/technical professionals can thoroughly review and approve the requests.