Wellbore stability is an oil-and-gas-industry business imperative.  It is essential to the realization of a well’s economic potential throughout drilling, completion, and production phases.  A properly designed wellbore architecture can help reduce the costs of primary operations by minimizing non-productive time due to drilling delays or even unplanned casing strings.  It can also avert the need for remediation if designed to address fluid/gas flow in the annulus that can lead to wellbore integrity issues and/or interfere with production. 

A properly designed resin system can help with wellbore stabilization and the hydraulic annular seal by complementing the cement sheath during drilling and completion operations.  A resin system can also be used to regain wellbore architecture integrity should remediation be required.  Lastly, a properly designed resin system can be used as a primary application with chemical disposal and injection wells and deliver secure plug and abandonment of wells at the end of life.

LockCem™ Cement
LockCem™ cement is a proprietary blend of a water-tolerant resin, WellLock® resin system*, with any class of Portland cement.


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