FlexPlug® Lost Circulation Service

Stop Lost Circulation, Hold Your Bottom Line

FlexPlug Lost Circulation ServiceWhen lost circulation occurs, you need a fast, proven response to keep your drilling program and your well costs under control. Lost circulation can hinder and stall wellsite operations, adding greatly to the overall cost of drilling and completing a well.

Halliburton developed the FlexPlug® service as a quick and cost effective solution for stopping lost circulation in natural or induced fractures, vugs, channels in weak zones, or flowing over-pressured zones (cross-flows and underground blowouts). FlexPlug service offers several advantages to solve lost circulation problems and keep your drilling plan on track.

  • Effective in a wide range of drilling and formation fluids
  • Can be formulated for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Can be pumped through BHAs (bit, motor, MWD/LWD tools)
  • Reduces or eliminates trip time as well as waiting time
  • Controls crossflows and underground blowouts
  • Increases formation integrity to allow heavier mud weight
  • Seals multiple weak zones in a single treatment
  • Material remains flexible to withstand surge and swab pressures and maintain the seal in the lost circulation zone

Three FlexPlug fluid systems are available to meet a wide range of downhole conditions. FlexPlug material selected for your particular application will depend upon the type of drilling fluid, environmental concerns, type of lost circulation problem, and the types of fluids that the FlexPlug system will contact after it is placed.

FlexPlug W Service An oil-based system that rapidly reacts downhole with water-based drilling/completion fluids or formation waters regardless of salinity or pH. FlexPlug W system can be formulated with diesel, kerosene, mineral oils, synthetic oils and esters. For situations where additional strength of the reacted material is required, cement can be added to the system.

FlexPlug OBM Service A water-based system that reacts downhole when mixed with oil-based drilling fluids diesel-based invert muds, synthetic oil muds, ester-based muds).

FlexPlug R Service A water-based system that reacts downhole when mixed with a water-based activator fluid. The FlexPlug R system is recommended when a highly flexible sealing material is required or when dry gas crossflows are encountered.

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FlexPlug® Lost Circulation Service

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